Monday, December 10, 2018

X-Mirage 2.5.1 Multilingual

X-Mirage 2.5.1

File size: 22.2 MB
X-Mirage is the most professional AirPlay server for Mac and Windows PC, which allows you to wirelessly stream contents or mirror iPhone, iPad and iPod screen to any Mac/Windows PC. Record screen and audio from iOS devices, as well as voiceover via Microphone with one click.

Mirror the screen of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your Mac or PC, wirelessly. AirPlay Mirroring makes it simple to project the screen of iOS devices to your computer.

Multiple devices
Mirror multiple iOS devices to one Mac or PC. You can name your computer to distinguish it from other AirPlay receivers. Invite your friends to mirror your favorite games to the same computer and compete with each other. Sharing has never been so easy.

One-click recording
Make demo videos, app design or showcasing, record lessons for students, record iOS games, iOS app tutorials. Whatever you do on your iOS devices can be recorded, then exported.

Real-time mirroring
Turn 1080p in amazing speed, taking airplay mirroring to the next level.

Password Protection
Create AirPlay password for your Mac to prevent unwanted users.

Stream Audio
Stream audio from an iOS device and enjoy it on Mac/PC.

Media Control
Change tracks or pause/play with the separate media control bar on Mac/PC.


Monday, June 4, 2018

Chacha Vidhayak Hain Hamare 2018 1080p HD

Chacha Vidhayak Hain Hamare Poster

Ronny's whole life is based on a lie. To the world he is the nephew of the local MLA and a youth leader who solves people's problems. But in reality, Ronny is a jobless 25 year old with no relation to the MLA who shares his surname. The show explores Ronny's adventures as he gets stuck in multiple situations because of this lie. He has two trusted friends, Anwar and Kranti who don't know the truth either and consider Ronny their leader. Ronny is in love with Avantika but she is too busy obsessing about her ex to notice his feelings. His family is concerned about his future and is dismayed at his lack of interest in studying or getting a job. His sister who suspects Ronny is lying about something is constantly trying to get him into trouble with their parents. Ronny's trusted mentor Santosh Bhaiya is the only one who knows the truth and tries to help Ronny.


Download from Google Drive (Click link and wait for 5 seconds then skip the ad)



Friday, May 11, 2018

Red Sparrow 2018


Stalingrad 2013


Sunday, March 25, 2018

Physics Toolbox Sensor Suite Pro v1.8.6 build 56 [Paid]

Physics Toolbox Sensor Suite Pro v1.4 [Paid]

Requirements: Android 4.2+ | File size: 4,9 MB
Useful for STEM education, academia, and industry, this app uses device sensor inputs to collect, record, and export data in comma separated value (csv) format through a shareable .csv file. Data can be plotted against elapsed time on a graph or displayed digitally. Users can export the data for further analysis in a spreadsheet or plotting tool. This app also generates tones, colors, and a stroboscope.

This app includes all capabilities of Physics Toolbox Sensor Suite plus the following additional features:
· Audio Analysis (Oscillocope functions, Spectrum Analyzer)
· Calibration
· Data Alert 
· File loading after recording
· Moving Average data filter

A menu allows the user to sense or generate the following (dependent upon the user’s mobile device capabilities):

· G-Force Meter - ratio of Fn/Fg (x, y, z and/or total); automatic calibration to (0, 0, 1); moving average 
· Linear Accelerometer – acceleration (x, y, and/or z); automatic calibration to (0, 0, 0); moving average 
· Gyroscope - radial velocity (x, y, and/or z); automatic calibration to (0, 0, 0); moving average 
· Barometer - atmospheric pressure; manual calibration by selecting offset values ; moving average 
· Roller Coaster - G-Force Meter, Linear Accelerometer, Gyroscope, and Barometer
· Hygrometer - relative humidity
· Thermometer - temperature
· Proximeter - periodic motion and timer (timer and pendulum modes)
· Ruler - distance between two points
· Magnetometer - magnetic field intensity (x, y, z and/or total); automatic calibration to (0, 0, 0) ; manual entry for alert setting; moving average 
· Compass - magnetic field direction and bubble level
· GPS - latitude, longitude, altitude, speed, direction, number of satellites
· Inclinometer - azimuth, roll, pitch
· Light Meter - light intensity manual calibration by selecting offset values ; moving average 
· Sound Meter - sound intensity; manual calibration by selecting offset values ; moving average 
· Tone Detector - frequency and musical tone
· Oscilloscope (Audio) - wave shape and relative amplitude; multi-shot function ; pause function ; time-base selection
· Spectrum Analyzer (Audio) - Fast Fourier Transform with histogram and maximum frequency; pause function 

· Multi Record

· Tone Generator – sound frequency producer
· Color Generator – R/G/B/Y/C/M, white, and custom color screen
· Stroboscope (beta) - camera flash

Walking Odometer Pro Premium v3.1

Walking Odometer Pro Premium v3.1

Requirements: Android 4.0.3+ | Size: 6,8 MB
Walking Odometer Pro is a GPS odometer for walking and tracking and fitness app designed for outdoor use. Take it for a walk or run and it will accurately record your route, distance traveled, energy expended in calories or kJ, elevation changes, and more.

Unlike a step pedometer, Walking Odometer Pro leverages the power of GPS, and by doing so, is able to provide more accurate measurements for distance walked and calories burned than can be achieved with a simple step counting pedometer. 
Set long term or short term goals for yourself to motivate you to walk or run to a better fitness level. Choose a calorie goal, distance goal or decide how many pounds or kilograms of fat you would like to burn, then view your progress during and after your exercises. 

The application has a powerful data manager that allows you to sort and view your accomplishments by day, month, week or year. Or, view speed, altitude and distance profiles for any given recording. 

The app is easy to use. Simply press the start button, close the app and begin your activity. Voice messages will be called out to you indicating your distance every 1/4 km or 1/4 mile. 

The application's odometer is internally calibrated so there is no need for you to go through a lengthy trial-and-error calibration method. 

If you need to interrupt your walk, you can pause an activity and resume it at a later point in time. Pauses and resumes are reflected on the trail map which will clearly show split distances and other stats. 

There is a one-of-a-kind odometer on the first screen that shows your distance. The meter was modeled after the old rolling drum odometers seen in pre-digital era cars and functions the same way -- the display actually rolls in real time as you walk / run. 

· Secure your data by backing it up regularly. Our backup and restore utility does not require any purchase or account activation. Backup / Export your accomplishments as kml, gpx and csv files. View exported data in Google Earth and other kml/gpx ready apps such as GPS Waypoints Navigator. CSV files can be viewed in spread sheet format by Google Docs, Open Office Calc, MS Excel. 
· All your data can be imported back into the app from your exported kml and gpx files should you need to replace your device. 
· No special accounts are required. Download and start using the app immediately. 
· Analogue or digital odometer for running or walking. 
· Calorie counter, chronometer and stop watch. 
· Heading and differential altimeter readings. 
· Speedometer.
· Set calorie, kJ, distance and exercise duration goals. 
· Lots of ways to view your accomplishments. Reports include summary and detailed charts, maps and graphs. 
· Calculations for energy expenditure, basal and total metabolic rates use the latest techniques based on population studies of human oxygen consumption, CO2 production and human bomb calorimetry at rest and during exercise.

IMDb Movies & TV v7.4.1.107410100 [Mod]

IMDb Movies & TV v7.4.0.107400100 [Mod]

Requirements: Android 4.4+ | Size: 11,5 MB
IMDb, the world’s most popular and authoritative source for movie, TV, and celebrity content. Watch trailers, get showtimes near you, buy tickets, read critic and user reviews. Explore popular movies and TV shows, entertainment news, and the latest awards and events. Track what you want to watch on your Watchlist, and rate movies and TV shows you’ve seen.

· Search our catalog of more than 4 million movie, TV and entertainment programs and more than 6 million cast and crew members, including celebrities, actors, actresses, and directors
· Read breaking entertainment news
· Browse quotes, trivia, and goofs
· Get complete event coverage, including the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards (Oscars)
· Check out Best Picture winners, the top-rated and most popular movies and TV shows, celebrity birthdays, and more
· Receive notifications for new trailers, movie showtimes, breaking news, and more

Decide what to watch and where to watch it:
· Watch the latest trailers and clips for movie and TV shows 
· Check movie and TV ratings
· Read user & critic reviews
· Discover titles available to watch on Amazon Video

Check showtimes and buy local movie tickets:
· Use your current location to get nearby showtimes
· Save your favorite theaters 
· Sort movie showtimes by start time, end time, genre, rating, and more 
· Buy tickets right from your phone or tablet

Sign in to:
· Add movies and TV shows to your Watchlist
· Rate what you’ve seen
· Save your favorite theaters 
· Create lists to share your movie, TV & celebrity picks, or make it just for you

IMDb is available worldwide in English (US/UK), Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese.

NetGuard - no-root firewall v2.191 [Pro]

NetGuard - no-root firewall v2.125 [Pro]

Requirements: Android 5.1+ | File size: 3,2 MB
Network guard NetGuard is a simple block access to network applications - without having Root privileges.

NetGuard provides a simple way to block access to the internet - no root required. Applications can individually be allowed or denied access to your Wi-Fi and/or mobile connection.

Blocking access to the internet can help:
· reduce your data usage
· save your battery
· increase your privacy

· No root required
· Simple to use
· Open source
· No extra battery usage
· No bandwidth reduction
· No calling home
· No tracking or analytics
· No ads
· No internet permission required
· IPv4/IPv6 TCP/UDP supported
· Optionally allow when screen on
· Optionally block when roaming
· Optionally block system applications
· Material design

There is no other no-root firewall offering all these features. Most other firewall solutions are closed source, will use extra battery and will reduce the overall network speed. Most of these features are the result of sending selected traffic to a VPN sinkhole, instead of filtering all internet traffic. This means that advanced features, like address-based filtering (needed for hosts blocking), traffic logging, and on-demand configuration, are not possible. Since NetGuard has no internet permission, you know your internet traffic is not being sent anywhere.


Saturday, March 24, 2018



File size: 20.37 MB
Tweak-SSD aims to help you get the most out of your SSD drive by applying several tweaks designed to increase its capabilities and boost its speed. With respect to HDDs, solid state drives already bring a plus in computing performance, booting time and power draw, but Tweak-SSD is intended for enhancing their features even more.

One of its main advantages is related to ease of use, as activating the system tweaks requires no advanced computer knowledge. Thanks to the comprehensive wizard with automatic suggestions for the best confiuration, a beginner can go through all the steps without getting stuck with complex settings. The application comes with several optimization options that you can apply. For instance, you can disable the Windows indexing service to avoid unnecessary write actions or activate the 'Prefetch' and 'Superfetch' technologies, which are mainly intended for solving performance issues on regular hard disks.
Keeping the core system files in the memory while the system is running can increase the computer's response time, while enlarging the disk caching capabilities reduces read and write access to the SSD.
Furthermore, you can limit the NTFS memory usage or deactivate the hibernation state in order to save disk space and lower the additional write operations on the SSD. File date stamping and boot time defragmentation should be disabled for the same reason.

The application also comes with options related to the system page file, delete notifications, as well as TRIM performance optimization.
Once you go through all these options, the system optimization status increases, as shown within the main window of the application.
The main purpose of Tweak-SSD is to increase your SSDs reliability and prolong its life by limiting the read and write access. It does not require expert skills and brings together variate tweaking possibilities within an intuitive interface.

NEW in v2: Now support for Windows 10
NEW in v2: better TRIM Optimizer
NEW in v2: a new user interface
NEW in v2: complete recoded and optimized

Optimize and tweak your Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 for a better performance of your SSD drive
Includes several tweaks that will optimize your SSD drive, making it even faster and reducing read and write access
Intuitive tweaking wizard guiding you from one tweak to the other, suggesting the best settings
Designed especially for Windows 7, 8.x and 10 - unlike competitive products!
TRIM performance optimizer included (registered version only)
Completely free!

System optimization:

Optimize your Windows 7, Windows 8.x or Windows 10 system for SSD 'drives'
System tweaking: Enabled several SSD related system tweaks
SSD optimizer: Your SSD lives longer with the included tweaks to minimize read and write access
Eays to use: Intuitive wizard like user interface
Optimization wizard: Includes a wizard that guides you through the optimization process
Intuitive system status gauge: System optimization status gauge for immediate system status information
TRIM optimizer: TRIM optimizer included (licensed version only)
Exclusive: Designed exclusively for Windows 7, Windows 8.x and Windows 10 - 32bit or 64bit.

Download from
Download from

Autodesk AutoCAD + AutoCAD LT 2019

Autodesk AutoCAD + AutoCAD LT 2019

OS: Windows 32/64bit | Language: English | Size: 4GB total
Now when you subscribe to AutoCAD®, get access to AutoCAD 2D and 3D CAD software, plus industry-specific toolsets. Take advantage of new AutoCAD web and mobile apps, enabling workflows from anywhere.

These toolsets aim to provide users with a more streamlined experience, according to Autodesk. The company wants to "remove confusion on which point products users should be buying," says Marcus O'Brien, head of product management. Instead of creating objects from scratch, users can utilize the toolset's offerings of more than 750,000 intelligent objects, parts, styles, features, and symbols that can be plugged into project plans. "By using the Architecture toolset to model a design, you’ll save a significant amount of time incorporating real architectural elements such as doors, walls and windows, instead of starting from lines and circles," according to the Autodesk press release. "Creating a wall in AutoCAD requires five steps, whereas the same outcome in the Architecture toolset requires only three steps."
Autodesk has also revamped its existing web and mobile applications for AutoCAD give users access to projects on the go. The web app is accessible through any browser and does not need to be downloaded or installed, while the mobile app is available to download on Windows, Android, and iOS devices. Users can use the “Save To Web & Mobile” and “Open From Web & Mobile” features from the original desktop AutoCAD version to pull up, edit, and save drawings while on the field.

What's new in AutoCAD 2019

What's new in AutoCAD LT 2019

Version: P.46.0.0
Supported Architectures: 32bit / 64bit
Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or newer

Autodesk AutoCAD + AutoCAD LT 2019

AutoCAD x64

AutoCAD x86

AutoCAD LT x64

AutoCAD LT x86

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